Web Design & Development

Because design requests can vary from the simple to the complex, it’s best to discuss your specific goals and budget levels so we can work to create a solution that meets both.

Typical range: $200-$600+

Sometimes a client just needs an existing site or a new theme touched up so the colors, styles, and graphics better complement their brand. This package will help you present your own vibe with custom graphics, refined verbiage, and styling changes. If you also need coded modifications to the layout, features, or functionality, check out the Remodel Package below.

To use a house analogy, this is akin to repainting the walls, laying down new carpeting, hanging new curtains, and swapping out old fixtures.

Typical range: $400-$1200+

For those wanting to rebrand, overhaul, or improve their existing site, this package is perfect for the vast majority. Together we’ll discuss your site’s purpose, audience, and goals to come up with a solution to match. From there, I’ll take your existing content, amp up the styling, and customize the theme’s framework so you have something you can truly call your own.

To use a house analogy, this is akin to putting on an addition, replacing the roof, redoing the siding, remodeling the kitchen, or finishing the basement.

Typical range: $400-$800+

Every empire starts somewhere. With this package, your website will be framed, coded, candied up, and ready for your content. I’ll complete the design’s shell and then show you how to bring it to life.

To use a house analogy, this is akin to building a smaller home with the intention of adding on later. The design and structure will be flexible so you can move in and grow at your own pace.

Typical range: $1200-$2000+

Whether you need a brand new site conceived from scratch or you want to demolish what you have and start over, this is the ultimate design package. It essentially includes everything you’ll need from start to finish, top to bottom, and side to side so that you can hit the ground running with a completely custom solution.

To use a house analogy, this is akin to razing what’s standing and/or starting the build on a vacant lot. From initial blueprints to providing all the furnishings to handing over the keys, everything can be taken care of for you.

The rate estimates provided are based on a typical site installation. What follows is a short list of add-ons that only a small percentage of clients need. So that you aren’t paying for functionality you don’t even use, I keep them separate from the core design. These include:

THEME OR PLUGIN ISSUES – Typical range: $60-$180+
If your installation is woefully out of date or the plugins are an overgrown disaster, we’ll need to get everything current before development can start. I’ll be able to assess the health of your site during the quotation process, and while it’s extremely rare when it happens, if additional time is needed to work around existing plugin conflicts, content problems, or structural issues, I’ll provide you with a pre-op plan before starting.

PLUGINS + APPS + APIs – Typical range: $30-$300+
If you need additional plugins, features, or external APIs installed and integrated with your website (i.e. email harvesting, autoresponders, feed pulls, calendars, etc.) we can address these needs separately.

ECOMMERCE INTEGRATION – Typical range: $200-$800+
Whether you just want to integrate with PayPal for one-off purchases or you need a more robust ecommerce solution complete with a full product catalog, integrated shopping cart, and more, we can make it happen.


Just reach out! Once I have a better understanding of what you do and what you want to achieve, I can better frame out proposed solutions to consider. Remember, you’ll get more than just a design. You’ll also get peace of mind. Throughout your project, all facets of a proper web presence are considered…from messaging to branding to connecting with your target audience. And in the end, you’ll have a complete solution, not just a single piece of a greater puzzle.

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