Meet Perry, Engine 1

Last summer I had the opportunity to acquire a fire engine that was being sold by a nearby firehouse. Rather than see it bought, dismantled, and sold off in pieces like so many retired fire trucks are, I jumped through a bunch of hoops and ultimately drove Engine 1 home.

With less than 9,500 miles, it’s mechanically sound and drives like a really loud beastly dream. The fire department was so thrilled that it wasn’t going to end up as scrap metal that they left all of the original equipment on the truck and even gave me extras like a departmental fire coat, a fire helmet, as well as the original blueprints that the Fire Chief had to sign off on when they ordered the fire engine back in 1984.

Perry is an American LaFrance Century Pumper complete with SCBA seats, a water cannon, and more levers and knobs than I know what to do with. It has a rich 25+ year history serving the people of Perry, New York, and now it’s become the namesake and mascot of my design studio.

Aside from the occasional drive around town or its role as a mobile playground for my children’s friends, we make Perry available for parades and to area organizations to help them with fundraising efforts. At these events we pass out stickers and plastic fire helmets to kids, allow them to explore in, on, and around the fire truck, and even give people rides through the streets.

Perry has been such a rewarding purchase and I make sure that a portion of my billings goes to help fund Perry’s involvement with the community and our contributions to the local organizations we support. So, to all of my clients past, present, and future, thank you for making all of this possible!