Brand Styling

You have something to say. Something unique. And even if you offer something similar to your competitors – your business has a personality all its own. Now it’s time to make the world fall in love with it. Building a brand starts with standing apart from the rest, and that’s where I come in.

Typical range: $180-$600+

A logo is more than just your name in stylish lights. It helps define how people perceive you. It communicates with the marketplace. It represents your brand image. You’ll use it on everything…your website, business cards, print materials, ads, social media accounts…the list goes on and on. Once I have a handle on what you do, who your audience is, and the kind of vibe you want to put out there, I’ll go to work on creating a strong presence for you and your business.

Logo packages include complete logo development, from conceptualization to provision of press-ready and digital logo files.

Social media covers and profile images can also be provided for a small fee.

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Typical range: $60-$300+

Brand styling doesn’t end with logos. Without complementing graphics and design elements, it’s virtually impossible to build brand awareness. To avoid any disconnect and be truly effective, branding needs to be considered in everything you do. From designing simple graphics to intricate ads to promotional images, I’ll ensure that your brand is carried throughout your marketing efforts.

Many times, needs arise to where you could really use a new button, a custom graphic, or some other kickin’ promotional piece. Most graphic requests can be turned around within 1-2 days so feel free to reach out with what you need.

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