911! Emergency!

Need a quick graphic? Are you experiencing a site error, a plugin issue, or a compatibility problem? Or has the catastrophic happened and your site is offline?

Don’t worry…I’m on call!

Whereas many web designers and firms clock out when the day is done, I make it a point to be available just in case something goes wrong. Over the years, I have logged countless late-night, weekend, and holiday hours fixing site issues, handling immediate graphic needs, and making requested design changes. Even on Christmas, much to my wife’s begrudged understanding.

The Internet doesn’t take time off and website errors don’t have any tact or consideration when it comes to your daily hours. As such, my 911 service is available to you should the unfortunate happen or immediate needs arise.

For standard requests and design orders, clients are placed in the normal available queue. But sometimes, needs and errors crop up that can’t wait. Whether you simply want to request an expedited task or you’re faced with a critical site issue, I can provide off-hours support to accommodate your needs.

911 inquiries will be sent to both my email and Android, which is pretty much tethered to me at all hours. If your need is critical and immediate, chatting with you even in the nighttime hours to discuss the issue is totally okay. There are rare occasions when I’m unavailable but I do try and make myself accessible whenever possible.

To request 911 service, simply complete the following form and I’ll be in touch promptly.

Standard rates still apply ($60 per hour billed in 15-minute increments) in addition to a one-time surcharge of $25 if after hours. A best-guess time estimate or fixed quotation will be given prior to you greenlighting the work.


Please be as thorough as possible in order to expedite the rescue.


911 Policy: Urgent requests that require after-hours, weekend, or holiday support will not incur additional per-hour charges, but there is a $25 surcharge. This is only charged if the work commences. A time estimate or quotation will be provided prior to work starting. Standard hourly rates are $60 per hour, billed in 15-minute increments, with a 30-minute minimum.

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